Appalachian Electronic Instruments Inc.

Serving the Global Textile Industry for Over 50 Years!

Appalachian Electronics Instruments, Inc. was founded in September 1954, by Mr. Creigh Nickell. The company was formed to produce industrial instrumentation, primarily a temperature controller.


In the 1960s, AEI pioneered the development of end-break and defect detection for warp knitting machinery, and still leads the industry in these key applications.


Today, AEI offers a diverse range of innovative, cost effective optical, electronic, mechanical and chemical solutions for measurement, control and automation. These systems have been applied with repeated success in the textile, life sciences and hydrocarbon processing industries.


At AEI, we believe that our most valuable assets are the relationships we hold with customers, employees and partner suppliers.


The strength of this Appalachian culture inspired other instrument makers to locate in this same region. So many significant technologies were developed in this locality that it became known as a “cradle” of the instrumentation industry.