Contract Manufacturing

As the global market continues to become increasingly competitive Appalachian continues to diversify its product line.

We manufacture quality control and monitoring systems for textiles, safety and monitoring devices for the mining industry, various systems for the railroad industry, medical and nuclear monitoring systems and a variety of contract assembly and piece manufacturing.

Our commitment to meeting the challenge of global competition is evident by the expansion of our representation worldwide with equipment currently in operation in over 40 countries. 

Our vertically integrated organization allows us control of phases of product conception, design, prototyping, marketing, manufacture and production. With that kind of control our pricing, delivery times and service are very attractive to vendors and customers alike.

Our engineering and management staff whose experience spans decades understands what it takes to get the product from conception to the marketplace.

With 100 employees Appalachian Electronic Inst. has enjoyed steady growth throughout the decades and is very excited with the prospect of continuing to develop innovative systems for global industry in the coming century.

Appalachian has expanded 5 times and is now located in Fairlea, West Virginia at our modern 56,000 sq. ft. facility.

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