Tuftight LX

The Tuftight LX has the same detection
principle as the industry proven original tuftight,
reconfigured in a simpler more integrated and
easier to maintain design. Instead of movable
switches, the sensitivity is now adjusted by
moving the lower bar with a unique rack and
pinion mechanical adjustment to set the angle
of the yarn contacting the switches. Once
this mechanical adjustment is made, the fine
sensitivity is set with a programmable stop delay,
selectable for the entire rail or for each meter
section. This ability to set the sensitivity for
each one meter switch section accommodates
various creel and header lay-outs by normalizing
the tight end response across the machine. Also
included is a PLC interface using an Industry
Standard RS-232 serial port, which allows
connection of the LX to plant data systems.


TUFTIGHT LX Features & Capabilities:


  • Indicator lights shows area of tight-end.
  • Sensitivity set by easy mechanical adjustments.
  • Yarn path capacity up to 7-meters.
  • Rack and pinion yarn tension adjustment for matching tension
    requirements to yarn type (wool to polypropylene).
  • User replaceable switch covers. 
  • Minimal yarn contact with pressure sensitive switch surface
  • Removable/Replaceable switch covers by user
  • Adjustable time delay per meter section for more precise sensitivity setting. 
  • Color Touchscreen Interface.
  • Light Indicators each meter segment
  • Same switch design as original proven AEI Tuftight.


Tuftight LX Brochure
Tuftight LX.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [8.3 MB]


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