Tuftight Pro

for servo and individual controlled yarn feed machines


The  TUFTIGHT PRO provides a high level of tight end sensitivity to eliminate low lines in the tufted fabric. Also, the TUFTIGHT stops the machine before the yarn breaks saving the thread-up time and improving machine run time efficiency.

For maximum switch cover life the yarn path geometry is designed for minimal yarn contact with pressure switch surface.

Innovative functionality includes adjustable sensitivity at each meter segment and each (dual) side. Motorized sensitivity adjustment is accessed on the operator controller. The TUFTIGHT PRO provides optimal tight end detection in all creel feed tufting machines.  Ultra-sensitive switches available for use onservo and individual yarn control machines.


TUFTIGHT PRO Features & Capabilities:


  • Modular design
  • Available in single-sided or dual-sided arrangement
  • Yarn path capacity up to 7-meters in 1-meter increments
  • Motorized sensitivity control switch-to-switch and side-to-side
  • Sensitivity setting represented by bar graph on controller
  • Minimal yarn contact with pressure sensitive switch surface
  • Removable/Replaceable switch covers by user
  • Entering/Exit yarn guide bars 
  • Operator controller with adjustable time delay and soft bypass 
  • Portable Programming Terminal for initial set-up
  • Light Indicators each meter segment
  • With an adjustable time delay .05-6 seconds we have the quickest reaction time in the industry.


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