Warp Knitting Technology

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NEW...AUTOWARP 4 - Fourth generation of proven Knitting Machine Let-Off control is Available...NOW with OPTIONAL Machine Control.

  • Deliver precise runner control of 0.1%
  • Update last generation knitting machines with improved controls
  • Increase machine efficiency and productivity
  • Less downtime for repairs

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The SCANNAIR-20MP Laser - Intelligent Laser yarn break detection for Warp Knitting, Weaving, Needle Looms and Warping/Beaming

  • Automatic or manual threshold settings
  • Fully programmable via portable terminal
  • Easy menu-driven set-up
  • Control capacity for up to 20 channels

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The ASM-MAX10 Warp Knit Fabric Scanner

  • Reliable, Effective Defect Detection
  • Scrim, Four-Bar, Weft Insertion Fabrics
  • Automatic Sensitivity Settings
  • Simple Operator Interface
  • No Brushes or Buss Bars

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The CEPA-2000 Computer Enhanced Process Analyzer

  • Automates runner measurement & runner control.
  • Maintains precise fabric specs.
  • Includes full complement of shift & production rack counters.
  • Speeds style changes.
  • Excellent foundation for a data gathering system.

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