CEPA (Computer Enhanced Process Analyzer)

Provides real time runner display and control plus full complement of rack & production counters

CEPA calculates and displays runner length real time on up to 4 warp positions providing an excellent means to check current series OEM electronic let-off systems. Should the runner be out of tolerance CEPA will alarm or stop the machine. For earlier series gear box let-off systems CEPA adjusts the gear boxes via  servo motor connection to maintain runners within tight tolerances.


CEPA also includes a full complement of production, roll, order and totalizing rack counters.


Knitters can be more productive rather than check/adjust let-offs for runner length uniformity. Machine operating efficiency is improved. Style changes are made easy.  Roll to roll and day to day fabric quality is assured especially with elastomeric fabrics.


Finally, CEPA  serves as a foundation for a data gathering system.With CEPA REPORTING SYSTEM (RS) real time machine status is displayed by color code and data is managed by C-Sharp Chrystal Reports Database for ready access reports.

  • Automates runner measurement & runner control
  • Menu driven keyboard programming
  • Calculates and displays runner 1-4 positions
  • Update runner value every 15-30 seconds 
  • Programmable runner tolerance with (3) outputs: servo loop, alarm, shut-down
  • Maintains precise fabric specs.
  • Speeds style changes
  • Includes full complement of shift & production rack counters
  • Select Racks, Picks and MPick counters
  • Programmable Shift, Order, Roll, Totalizing counters
  • Host PC communication
  • Serves as excellent foundation for data gathering system.


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