Scannair 20mp Laser

System Components



  • Manual Reset  Button (System normally auto-resets)
  • Soft Bypass Button
  • Power Indicator

Portable Programmer


  • Normally used for initial system setup

Receiver and Transmitter Detection Heads


  • Intelligent receiver monitors signals and maintains sensitivity levels for each channel.
  • Class II Laser Transmitter

Not Shown

Power Supply

Optional Air System





  • Input Power: 115-220VAC 50/60 Hz 200 watts (without air)
  • 220/600VAC three-phase transformer,  50/60 Hz, 800 watts (with air system)
  • Stop Motion: Dry contact NO, COM, NC
  • Shipping Weight: 2-chan with air - 150 LBS. (68Kg)
  • Crate Dimensions - 2-chan with air:

(2) 30”x16”x12” (760x400x300mm)

(1) 20”x20”x20” (500x500x500mm)

(1) 108”x5”x5” (2740x110x110mm)


- Specify at Order:

machine make/model, needle width, yarn sizes, warp positions, three-phase power, matching relay


Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

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