WarpScan - camera-based stop motion

Effective solution eliminates lost threads in warp sets

The WarpScan represents an innovative application of camera technology to provide a cost-effective solution for yarn break detection in warping/beaming lines.

Inserted in the line between the warper and creel, the camera(s) count the yarn threads many time per second. When an yarn-break occurs, WarpScan signals a warper stop. Lost yarn threads are almost completely eliminated.

The WarpScan also confirms the number of yarn threads is correct, signals for bad package and identifies which thread has broken.

The WarpScan can be readily applied to most yarns and yarn sizes in section beam, sectional and long chain beaming lines at production speeds in excess of 1000 MPM.


Warp Scan Feature Include but are not Limited to:


  • CCD line-scan cameras
  • Halogen overhead lighting
  • Menu-driven Touch Screen operator interface
  • Adjustable support framework
  • Yarn guide bars and reed holders
  • Confirms number of yarn threads is correct
  • Identifies which yarn thread has broken
  •  Applications include section warping, sectional warping, draw warping and long chain beaming
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