YTC-2000 Tension/Motion-Sensor Stop Motion System

The premier system for quality warp sets with precise tension control and zero lost yarn threads..

The basis of the YTC-2000 is an electro-magnetic, additive unit with motorized tension plate cleaning. Each tensioner module is factory calibrated for highly precise unit/unit tension uniformity. An integrated optical motion-sensor provides fast stop motion at the package. The YTC-2000 takes care of the two major causes of yarn tension variation: creel length and warper speed. The result is excellent yarn tension control across the warp and throughout beam build with no lost yarn threads. Appalachian YTC-2000 users report perfect beam formation, excellent performance at the dye range (for denim ball warps), no laps in the slasher beam creel and a measureable improvement in weave room efficiency.


System Features and Capabilities:


  • Additive tensioner with 0-75 gram capacity
  • Precise factory tensioner calibration
  • Motorized tension plate cleaning        
  • Optical motion-sensor stop motion at the package
  • Operator touch screen menu-driven programming   
  • Yarn tension fully programmable front/back, jog/run speed
  • Yarn clamp at stop          
  • Motion sensor fully programmable response time and delay time
  • Post to post tension control                             
  • Automatic switch off for unused positions                      
  • Confirmation of number of yarn threads.                             
  • Individual yarn thread identification                                 
  • Signal for bad package                                                                 
  • Light indicators each post, each position
  • 8 language selection               
  • 8-level tension programming for variable colors/counts same pattern
  • Trim tension control each post/position for first time set-up
  • Fully compatible with yarn sizes 4.0-70.0 Ne – 20-2000 D.

Yarn Tension and Motion Control

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