YTC-2000 Tension/Motion-Sensor Stop Motion System

The premier system for quality warp sets with precise tension control and zero lost ends.


User Interface


  • 6" (15cm) Diagonal Touch Screen
  • Located at warper/beamer head

System Controller


  • Communicates user commands to creel
  • Monitors all creel positions
  • Front panel diagnostics
  • Located at warper/beamer head

Post Controller


  • Monitors all tension/stop motion positions for post
  • LED Status Indicators

Tension/Stop Motion Module


  • Monitors each position for yarn motion
  • Controls tension at each position
  • 12 Maximum Positions Per Post

Tension/Stop Motion Mast


  • Housing for Tension/Stop Motion and Creel Support

Creel Power Supply(s)


  • Up to 4 required depending on number of positions.
  • Located on top of the creel.


Input Power:

220 VAC 50/60 Hz

3000 watts @ 220VAC (600 ends)


Stop Motion:

Dry contact NO, COM, NC


Specify at Order:

Creel/warper elevation drawing

Creel/warper make/type

Yarn and yarn sizes


Specifications subject to change without notice.


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